Bimota SB6R 1997 T-Shirt – A True Classic From The 90’s

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  • BIMOTA SB6 (1994 - 1999) Review For many The SB6/7 is the pinnacle of old school Bimota craft. The recipe back then was simple: take the best and most powerful Japanese engines and wrap them in the most exquisite and fine handling hand-made Italian chassis and bodywork. The SB6/7 had hairy Suzuki GSX-R engines, sublime handling and craftsmanship and characteristically Italian unreliability and fickleness. After this, Japanese motorcycles handled better – for half the price. In its day – and that’s a decade ago, remember – the Bimota SB6 was phenomenal. But it's now looking decidedly old hat. The Bimota SB6 steers well enough and is reasonably lithe and low thanks to its massive twin spar aluminium frame and decent geometry and (Paoli) suspension, but everything else has been well overtaken… Forget the WSB-homologation special 750, the GSX-R1100-powered Bimota SB6 is the daddy. Huge, terrifyling and awesome it needs handling with respect but rewards with 147bhp and enough meaty midrange to satisfy a truck driver. The Bimota SB6 is big, solid and there are few bigger rushes… There’s no doubting the Bimota SB6's ingredients are top quality, albeit ones chosen more for their out-and-out performance rather than durability, but the way they’re put together is often a little slipshod. Panel gaps are poor, bits fall off or unscrew themselves and, like all Bimotas, the SB6 generally needs treating with kid gloves. When new, the Bimota SB6 was getting on for twice as much as its donor bike and, even used, their an expensive luxury from the Italian school of exotica. That said, today you can still get yourself one hell of a superbike, albeit a slightly old-fashioned one, for less than the price of a used Japanese 600. No luxuries or creature comforts, the Bimota SB6 is a pared to the bone sportster. But that it does have is top notch. Hand-milled aluminium everywhere, a sprinkling of carbon fibre and among the very best of cycle parts – Paoli suspension, Brembo brakes, Marchesini wheels and more.

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